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NOTE: AutoRadio is now SongCue (tm).

It is still open source software licensed under the GPL. It still runs on Linux, but has also been ported to Mac OS X/Darwin (still running under X11). The page below is horribly out-of-date. Please go to




for more information.

Radio station automation software, likely GPL'ed. Uses a modified mpg123, a modified esound, and will eventually use either postgresql or mysql. Not yet ready for use, but pretty cool anyway.

Screen shot (JPEG 49k
Screen shot (JPEG 49k

  • per-song programmable end overlap
  • timed early fade
  • manual play/stop/fade controls
  • "talk after" (tm) button
  • on-screen channel meters and faders (*)
  • playlist import (**)
  • industry-standard MP2, MP3, and WAV formats (***)
  • runs native on Linux
  • based on well-tested, common tools
  • runs on STANDARD hardware, with STANDARD sound card

* Faders not working yet, meters seem to be slgihtly mistimed
** Playlist support not implemented yet
*** Only MP2/MP3 implemented so far

Sources not yet available. Email me for more information.